Advertising in malls in Tashkent

Today popularity of advertising in the different kind of malls and shopping centers are rising very progressive. Nowadays, this type of advertising include to every media project plan, because of usefulness. Undoubtedly, advertising in the Mall, has great advantages:
— increasing attendance
— creating brand image
— the increase in consumption indicators;
— implementation of promotional activities and gift promotions;
— effective promotion among the competitors etc.

Obviously, people who visit malls feel more relaxed and they just want to have a pleasant leisure time. Therefore, advertising in the Mall is the best way to demonstrate to consumer promoted product.
Furthermore, advertising surface will provide consumer with a lot of information about product or company. Advertising in shopping center in Tashkent will be more effective than other parts of the city because lot of people visit malls every day.
In fact, every visitor of the mall will have a small window of time between viewing the ad and deciding to buy something.
Ad, which located close to shop, supermarket or firms directly affects in sales of the product and increasing it significantly.
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