Advertising on billboards

Nowadays in modern Tashkent, the most widespread type of advertising is advert on billboards. In fact, this type of marketing affects to the visual memory of the consumer, according to this it can increase demand of the offered product or service. Majority of all billboards in Tashkent are located in the downtown of the city, which have a high attendance of people. The most popular places for placing billboards is the highways or roads of local significance.

The ads on billboards directed to remembering important things about company like trademarks, logo of the firm and the presence of advantages among competitors. One of the type of billboards that undoubtedly is very useful is the ads on the road signs on shopping or office buildings. Universal dimensions of outer shields 6×3 or 4×3 meters. As a result, it give a big advantage because billboard will be visible for people in public transport, pedestrians and drivers.

As for consumers advertising on billboards are very important because they can find essential information about the product they want to order. Moreover, every person has on average 7 seconds for the perception and memorization of visual information, so people can remember information that they saw for a long time.

So why the consumer should order advertising on billboards only in our agency? There many advantages of it.
— acceptable format for various types of advertising campaigns;
— ample opportunities to use shields (prizmatron, etc.);
— free advice about preparation and placement of advertising surfaces;
— the maximum coverage of the consumer audience;
— implementation of installation of the advertising surface (disassembly);
— reasonable prices.

According to these advantages obviously that billboards advertising enhance sales of the company and increase client auditory. The MediaLux agency can help to the consumer’s business to promote his product and get an excellent reputation.

For your convenience on the official website of the ad Agency you can leave the online ordering (book advertising surface), to see the design boards (examples of works), to find out more information on ordering etc. In addition, if you have some questions the hotline operators will be happy to advise or make an appointment to a specialist.

To order an advertisement, please contact the office of the Agency «MediaLux» which located at the address: Tashkent, Yunusabad district, Sharafa Rashidova ave., 16, on the official website and also call tel.230-48-48.

We have high qualified and creative specialists with huge advertising resources, which can help to promote your product and make your company recognizable.