Advertising on buses

Today the successful promotion of the product depends on professional marketing company. There are many different ways to promote product, for instance to demonstrate it on TV but it is very expensive, moreover consumer must spend much money for creating ad video.
As a matter as fact one of the most cheap and effective ways to promote product is advertising on buses. Mobile Billboards will move through the city especially thorough the most crowded streets many times.

Key benefits:
The use of advertising on buses in Tashkent is the most effective way to promote the product, due to the optimal ratio of price and quality of the service provided.
Every day hundreds or even thousand people will look at this billboard for example drivers, pedestrians, bus passengers etc.
The colorful design of every billboard attract and inform consumer about the product, even at a random look.
In conclusion advertising on buses helps to company in creating image, inform people about different events and in increasing popularity of the product or service.