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Make your business more visible, simplify the search for potential customers and increase KPI


Develop high-quality advertising solutions and get effective results for the development of your company


Create not just advertising, but establish direct contact between people and \ n brands

Media Lux is an advertising agency providing a wide range of advertising services.

Our agency is actively developing such areas as:
  • Outdoor advertising in Tashkent.
  • Advertising in the Tashkent metro.
  • SMM promotion on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, brand development, ranging from name and development strategy to media planning and advertising.
  • Website promotion in search engines.
  • Manufacturing of large format printing.
  • Manufacturing and development of design.
Comprehensive advertising campaign in Uzbekistan.

Our agency Media Lux is the owner of the most visible advertising structures. You will be offered the whole range of outdoor advertising in the city of Tashkent and Tashkent region, namely advertising on:

  • billboards
  • prismatrons
  • LED monitors
  • firewall panels
  • roof structures
  • boxes above the subway
  • city formats
  • advertising in the Tashkent metro
  • advertising on TV and radio.
Design and creativity.

For a successful business investment, you need to make high-quality branding for your company. Our team of professionals will prepare brand books and guidelines with your individual corporate identity.

Digital Media.

Every day, the share of Digital is only growing, and accordingly, business promotion in the Internet space becomes more important than ever. Advertising on all platforms, such as: Facebook, Google, Yandex Direct, MyTarget, LinkedIn, App Store, Play Market.

Research and analytics.

Investing money in a business is always a risk. To minimize risks, our marketers will develop a marketing strategy that will include: market and competitor analysis, target audience, brand strategy and sales channels.

Production and printing.

Media Lux is a full cycle agency. A special production unit is ready to offer its services for large format and interior printing.