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Outdoor advertising - it is the most common way to reach a large audience of potential customers and buyers by using open spaces on streets, highways, squares and avenues.

Benefits and features

The main benefits include:

  • Low cost
  • Regularity of exposure
  • Variety of species
  • Target audience presence
  • Availability
  • Good perception
  • High quality of information presentation
  • Geographic targeting of advertising

Advertising in the metro is mainly aimed at the mass consumer of various goods and services. Underpasses, escalators, train carriages are all excellent platforms for providing information. Anyone who goes down the subway unwittingly pays attention to bright announcements and remembers them.

  • Covers a huge audience;
  • Possesses high performance indicators;
  • Can be performed using various advertising media;
  • Provides lasting exposure to potential buyers;
  • Ads are not exposed to atmospheric precipitation.

Among the main distribution channels, television is one of the most perfect channels for transmitting advertising messages.

In the structure of the advertising market of Uzbekistan, television ranks first in terms of costs and maintains its constant growth trend.

Television is a tool for reaching a wide audience, providing wider communication opportunities compared to other types of advertising distribution channels.

Let's note just some of the benefits of advertising on television:
  • Simultaneous visual and audio impact
  • Ensuring a high degree of TV viewer involvement in what is happening on the screen
  • A variety of thematic programs make it possible to select the target audience
  • A strong psychological impact (due to the personal nature of the appeal to the viewer) makes the advertising appeal close in efficiency to personal sales
  • Relatively low unit costs per advertising contact due to reaching a huge audience

Advertising on Television from Media Lux Media Lux advertising agency makes it possible to broadcast your video on the most popular channels of Uzbekistan, among which there are') }}:
  • UZDIGITALTV is a cable TV channel with coverage throughout the Republic and an audience of over 1 million viewers.
  • MY5 (MENING YURTIM) - Thanks to the music and entertainment content, the channel has viewers throughout Uzbekistan.
  • MILLIY TV is a music, entertainment and educational channel. The channel is available to residents of Tashkent and Tashkent region through digital and terrestrial television, as well as for viewers of other regions through cable television. In addition, online broadcasting can be viewed on the website
  • ZO'R TV - The channel shows the latest and most current films in HD quality. The audience is made up of residents from all regions of the Republic.
  • YOSHLAR TV — The channel broadcasts throughout Uzbekistan. The advertisements during the two evening serials are considered to be the most effective and most effective.
  • MTRK, LOCAL (REGIONAL) TV CHANNELS - Broadcasting territory: Tashkent and Tashkent region, Andijan and Andijan region, Fergana and Fergana region, Namangan and Namangan region, Bukhara and Bukhara region, Samarkand Samarkand region, Karshi and Kashkadarya region, Term Jizzak and Jizzakh region, Gulistan and Syrdarya region, Navoi and Navoi region, Urgench and Khorezm region, Nukus and the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Advertising from Media Lux is an effective contribution to the development of your business and increasing brand awareness. Media Lux - improving your business!

The company Media Lux LLC provides large format printing services:
  • на баннере (320 гр.) – 1 кв.м. – 33 000
  • на баннере (380 гр.) с черной подложкой – 39.000
  • на оракале LG/Respect – 1 кв.м. – 39.950
  • PET film - 1 sq.m. - 78.200
  • * Prices are inclusive of VAT

We work only with quality material!

  • Legal name of the company providing the service or product;
  • Information on licensing services (product certification);
  • The text of the sketch must be duplicated (in Uzbek or in Uzbek and Russian / English); (Uzbek is required for all sketches)
  • If an image of an individual is used in an advertising sketch - his written consent and a photocopy of his passport (provided that a person is used from the Internet, a mandatory link to the source material);

Until recently, most companies that have their own website did not really understand the purpose of creating and using their own website.

Now YOUR SITE is, first of all, a visiting card of your business on the Internet. He represents your company to millions of potential clients. Moreover, your corporate website works for you around the clock and seven days a week.

Think of the time spent on the same type of phone calls with potential clients. You constantly have to answer:

  • Where are you? How can I get to you? What time do you work until? Tell us about your products (services), prices.
  • Your site is your ideal virtual manager. After all, you create it yourself, the way you want!