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Do you want to make a powerful impact on potential clients, partners or investors? 3D visualization services from the Medialux advertising agency are the best choice for solving such a problem!

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"Media Lux is our main partner in outdoor advertising. Why choose them? Good coverage of structures around the city, reasonable prices and staff who are always in touch and ready to answer all your questions.

"Media Lux is a reliable partner of Dodo Pizza in Uzbekistan. We are pleased with our cooperation, which has been going on for more than a year and really appreciate the customer support provided. Special thanks to the manager Karimova Mokhina, who will always help with the best option for accommodation. "

"We have been working with Media Lux for almost 8 years; I am glad that they have a huge database of designs; everything is very conveniently presented on the site, you can choose on the map, however, if necessary, managers will always promptly provide the necessary information."

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What do you get when ordering 3D animation from us

Improving the image of the company / brand.

A spectacular 3D video highlights your business from the background of others, raises the status in the eyes of customers and partners.

Improved visualization.

3D technology makes it possible to perfectly reproduce shapes, colors and other features that are not achieved with conventional shooting.

Increasing brand loyalty.

High-quality 3D video enhances the effect of the first impression. After the first transaction, a high percentage of customers turn to your services again.

Audience expansion.

Modern technical capabilities allow you to view video in 3D not only in specially equipped rooms, but also using home digital technology.

We offer high quality 3D rollers made by experienced operators. Scenarios for 3D videos are written by talented authors, and the material is selected by qualified marketers.

General information about service

This section of our catalog presents a type of advertising that is steadily gaining popularity. Volume three-dimensional visualization opens wide opportunities for advertisers. The main differences between this format and the classic "ordinary" video:

  • adding dynamism to the image;
  • display of additional options (diagrams, graphs);
  • demonstration of the digital space.

At the same time, if a few years ago the creation of a 3D video clip was considered a rather expensive "pleasure", then modern technologies have made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of filming. Moreover, depending on the available budget, you can make different types of 3D in terms of costs - starting with simple videos without transformation, and ending with complex videos using skeletal animation.

Benefits of advertising 3D video

When ordering 3D animation for advertising or business promotion, you discover the following advantages of this format:

  • dynamic demonstration using angle, speed, change of viewing direction;
  • maximum information content (for example, consideration of the goods from all sides);
  • advanced graphical capabilities with viewing tables and diagrams in volume;
  • demonstration of goods in real sizes due to improved graphical capabilities.

You can check with our consultants for detailed information on the service.

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