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Are you looking for where to order high-quality logo development in Tashkent? Are you planning to update the brand logo and icons? Do you want your company logo to maximize profits? Medialux agency is the best choice for solving such problems.

Customer Reviews

"Media Lux is our main partner in outdoor advertising. Why choose them? Good coverage of structures around the city, reasonable prices and staff who are always in touch and ready to answer all your questions.

"Media Lux is a reliable partner of Dodo Pizza in Uzbekistan. We are pleased with our cooperation, which has been going on for more than a year and really appreciate the customer support provided. Special thanks to the manager Karimova Mokhina, who will always help with the best option for accommodation. "

"We have been working with Media Lux for almost 8 years; I am glad that they have a huge database of designs; everything is very conveniently presented on the site, you can choose on the map, however, if necessary, managers will always promptly provide the necessary information."

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What do you get when ordering logos and icons from us

Enhance brand image

Spectacular logo sets your brand apart from others, raises the company's status in the eyes of customers and partners.

Increasing brand awareness

Original logos and icons make it easy for customers and partners to distinguish your brand from competitors.

Increasing brand loyalty

Well-designed logo enhances the effect of the first impression. After the first transaction, a high percentage of customers turn to your services again.

Opportunity to choose the best

Our designers develop several variants of logos, after which the customer chooses the most suitable one.

Capacious presentation of information

With the help of a well-designed logo and icons, you can easily convey the concept and strategy of your company to potential customers.

Increasing company profit

An increase in the number of customers due to an attractive logo will naturally lead to an increase in profits.

We have been specializing in the provision of logo and icon design services for over a decade. Experienced and talented specialists work on the creation of each product. Our company uses a personal creative approach, offering favorable conditions to each client. The agency provides services on the basis of a license, guarantees quality and offers affordable prices for the market in Uzbekistan for logo and icon creation services.

Brand logo: general information and features

Logos and icons play an increasingly important role in modern business. This method of attracting the attention of customers performs a number of important functions and is a powerful tool in the hands of good marketers. A logo (trademark) is usually called an image or a set of graphic symbols, through which a company or brand stands out in the market. For those who are skeptical of such a definition, it is enough to recall any well-known product. In most cases, associative memory reproduces exactly the company logo.

In addition to attracting attention, logos perform the following important functions:

  • give confidence in the quality of products or services;
  • emphasize the individuality of the brand / company;
  • protect the product from low-quality fakes.

It is important to note that the development of logos and icons requires experience and a professional attitude. In particular, in modern business there is a trend of simplification. Logo design is becoming easier due to global “mobilization” – the use of mobile devices. At first glance, it may seem that this simplifies the work of designers. However, in fact, the simplification is expressed only in the technical side of the issue. As for creative ideas, here, on the contrary, the task becomes more complicated. However, there are no unsolvable tasks for the creative specialists of our agency: we are ready to develop a unique and most effective logo for your brand.

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