Marketing services are one of the activities of our agency. The Medialux team has specialized in this service for more than a decade. The experience and qualifications of marketers, a personal and analytical approach, optimal terms and affordable prices for marketing services for Uzbekistan - these and other features of our service contribute to the quality and maximum customer satisfaction. Familiarize yourself with the features of this direction.

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We accept an application

We process the application, studying the features and wishes of the client


We study

We collect data, get acquainted with the advertised product


We develop

Based on the data received, we form a strategy, select the best locations


We launch

After approval, we immediately begin to place materials

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Development of design for outdoor advertising

We are working on a video clip with an attention-grabbing vnimanie design banner, which you can use to get people's attention and provide necessary information.

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Large format printing for outdoor advertising

We will print and prepare your promotional material for placement on our structures

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What do you get when ordering marketing services from us?

Increasing brand loyalty

Effective marketing contributes to the fact that after the first cooperation, a high percentage of customers turn to your services again.

Increasing brand awareness

A well-designed marketing strategy helps customers and partners prefer your company over competitors.

Getting the framing effect

Correct presentation allows you to make any neutral, and even negative fact attractive to customers and partners.

Increasing business profitability

Effective marketing activities attract partners and customers, which in turn leads to increased profits.

Why you should order marketing services from us

Modern methods of work

It's better to change this sentence. An analysis of the market, competitors is carried out, and analytics is not applied. And the next sentence needs to be changed.

Integrated approach to marketing

Strategy development is carried out in – did not understand what it means in a global sense? A wide range of services allows marketers to select the best for each client. Options for what? Promotions or what?

Responsibility in performing tasks

Development of marketing strategies is carried out in a strictly specified time frame. The cost of services, agreed initially, does not change (with the exception of cardinal changes in tasks and goals in the course of the task).

Transparency of all works

Client is provided with detailed reports on all work performed and the funds spent from the budget allocated for marketing services.

Marketing services: what we offer

In a highly competitive environment, almost no business can exist without support. This is exactly what professional marketers do. Specialists of this profile analyze the market situation, conduct comparative assessments, select the best tools and advertising management levers. Not every company "can afford" the content of its own marketer, not to mention the department. Alternatively, it is much more convenient to use the services of a specialized company. This is the service offered by the Medialux agency. The range of marketing services available to our clients in Uzbekistan includes:

  • Consulting marketers on all issues related to advertising and business promotion.
  • Development of marketing strategies aimed at long-term competitive advantage.
  • Remote marketing department services.

Detailed information on each offer can be found on the corresponding pages of our website.

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