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Are you in search in effective instruments to inform our audience with news? Do you want to order high-quality display settings in Google Ads and Yandex Direct? Looking for a way to promote with a relatively small budget?

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"Media Lux is our main partner in outdoor advertising. Why choose them? Good coverage of structures around the city, reasonable prices and staff who are always in touch and ready to answer all your questions.

"Media Lux is a reliable partner of Dodo Pizza in Uzbekistan. We are pleased with our cooperation, which has been going on for more than a year and really appreciate the customer support provided. Special thanks to the manager Karimova Mokhina, who will always help with the best option for accommodation. "

"We have been working with Media Lux for almost 8 years; I am glad that they have a huge database of designs; everything is very conveniently presented on the site, you can choose on the map, however, if necessary, managers will always promptly provide the necessary information."

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Services of contextual advertising in Uzbekistan from Medialux

Services of contextual advertising in Tashkent from Medialux are what you need. We have been specializing in this field, offering our clients high-quality service and affordable prices. You can read more detailed information about contextual advertising and possibilities that our agency opens for our clients.  

What is contextual advertising

The service offered in this page involves targeted advertising promotion on the Internet. The direction means here the display of ads in accordance with the specified settings (audience, place, time, or other context). This type of format visibly rises effectiveness of ad, because its usage can rise the possibility of clicks.   

Main instruments of contextual advertising are special services of Google Ads and Yandex.Direct. This research machines “find” audience themselves in accordance with their settings. However, at one sight contextual advertising might seem simple work, which doesn’t need any special skills. But in reality, it is a fairly difficult procedure, involving following stages:

  • Writing strategy in accordance with the brief filled in by the client.
  • Setting up analytics and advertising accounts in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct.
  • Collection of the key words and stop words, needed for writing ad.
  • Creating advertisements, setting them up and launching them in services.
  • Analytics and optimization of advertising in the process of advertising in the process of displaying ads.

The last point involves working on an already active ad for a long time. At this stage, experts analyze the effectiveness of impressions and, if necessary, make adjustments.

Contextual advertising has a number of advantages in comparison with other methods of promotions on the internet. It suggests a very affordable starting budget, fast launch and fast achievement of results. Moreover, this method provides maximum interest from the audience and reduce to minimum number of inappropriate impressions. 

Where in Tashkent to order services of contextual advertising

Our agency has been offering different digital services in Uzbekistan for a long time. During this time, the most friendly services conditions have been created. By contacting Medialux to order contextual advertising in Tashkent and in other regions, customers open following advantages:

  • Experienced and responsible specialists in the sphere of ad promotion on the internet;
  • high-quality performance of tasks with high performance of impressions;
  • the ability to order contextual advertising on time, freeing up the client's time ;
  • transparency of the service, expressed in reports for all funds allocated for the budget.

It also includes affordable prices for Uzbekistan and individual offers for our regular clients.

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