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Do you want corporative site for your company? Do you need an urgent development of a temporary website for an event? Are you in search of a reliable developer to completely upgrade your online store?

Customer Reviews

"Media Lux is our main partner in outdoor advertising. Why choose them? Good coverage of structures around the city, reasonable prices and staff who are always in touch and ready to answer all your questions.

"Media Lux is a reliable partner of Dodo Pizza in Uzbekistan. We are pleased with our cooperation, which has been going on for more than a year and really appreciate the customer support provided. Special thanks to the manager Karimova Mokhina, who will always help with the best option for accommodation. "

"We have been working with Media Lux for almost 8 years; I am glad that they have a huge database of designs; everything is very conveniently presented on the site, you can choose on the map, however, if necessary, managers will always promptly provide the necessary information."

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Web development in Uzbekistan from Medialux

Our agency helps to solve each task. Experienced web-designers, who have all necessary skills for creating site, work on us. Quality of service is combined with affordable conditions for customers. You can get more information about web-designs and advantages of such services from Medialux.  

Services of web development: general information

It is not a secret that web-designer should have professional skills and knowledge.  It includes programming, work with “engines” and creative approach. Furthermore, the goal of developer is to create internet-resource, which can be indexed in search system. In other words, specialists should be aware of late news and announcements in their field.  

One important thing is – an ability to work with different sites. We highlight three basic categories that are in demand:  

  • Corporative site. These kinds of projects are created with the purpose of forming the company’s image, informing about its activities, expanding the partner and/or client base. Optimal platform for creating sites on this category – WordPress.
  • Temporary site (often consists of one page). This type is good for creating landings, demonstration of temporary promotions and events of not big online store. For quality of this resource is suitable Tilda.
  • Online store. Special internet projects with functionality of online sales have become familiar to many users. Depending on the scale and specifics of the resource, you can use OpenCart, WordPress, Shopify или Laravel.

You can get detailed information about types of web-sites, development that specialists of Medialux do from our consultants. They can give you data about optimal solutions after analyzing your requirements.

Where in Tashkent to order web development

Our advertising agency offers a wide range of complex approach of services in the sphere of web-design. Moreover, we provide maximal gooв conditions of services. By contacting Medialux to order web development in Uzbekistan, you can open following opportunities:  

  • Quality, which can be proven by our finished projects;
  • The ability to order creation of the site with complex approach;
  • Affordable prices of the web development service for Uzbekistan;
  • Accomplishing tasks at minimal time.

Furthermore, you can order web development with copywriting, seo-optimization and other services, which can boost effectiveness of internet project. This opportunity can contribute in rising KPD of site, but also reduces time and instruments, wasted on the order of each services.  

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