Do you need good written article for posting on the blog? Are you in search of good author for writing posts in social media? Would you like to order qualitative seo-texts for the new site? This kind of tasks could be done by experienced copywriters of Medialux agency.

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"Media Lux is our main partner in outdoor advertising. Why choose them? Good coverage of structures around the city, reasonable prices and staff who are always in touch and ready to answer all your questions.

"Media Lux is a reliable partner of Dodo Pizza in Uzbekistan. We are pleased with our cooperation, which has been going on for more than a year and really appreciate the customer support provided. Special thanks to the manager Karimova Mokhina, who will always help with the best option for accommodation. "

"We have been working with Media Lux for almost 8 years; I am glad that they have a huge database of designs; everything is very conveniently presented on the site, you can choose on the map, however, if necessary, managers will always promptly provide the necessary information."

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Services of copywriter in Uzbekistan from Medialux

We have been offering services of copywriters in Tashkent and in other regions.  During this time, the most friendly services conditions have been created. You can read more detailed information about copywriting services and possibilities that our agency opens for our clients.  

What is copywriting: general information

The service, which we offer on this page involves writing texts in different styles and genre, which has the purpose of promoting. This kind of texts might be native and advertising articles, scripts for videos and events, posts for social networks and other forms. For each there is certain requirements. However all of them have uniqueness. This index is necessary for getting attention of readers, also for indexation in search system, which subsequently increases the position of the page or site in the search results. 

Authors who write texts are copywriters. They do responsible tasks, because the quality of ready text depends on the success of undertaking. Good writings or posts must get the attention of a reader, which in turn brings good results (buying goods, ordering service, going to the page). However for writing interesting text only desire is not enough. Good copywriter should have following features:  

  • high level of literacy, including "problematic" for many punctuation skills;
  • having different styles and genres, which provide to choose the best for client;
  • ability to understand and speak concisely on various topics, including unfamiliar ones;
  • editing skills, which help to correct their own and others texts;
  • ability to work with programs, needed for writing and correcting articles.

The main thing is also working with deadlines. If ordinary poets and prose writers, there are no limits, but copywriters need to accomplish assigned tasks quickly and within a clearly defined time frame. We should add that although there are services, such as Chat-gpt, which writes articles for given parameters, services of good copywriters is very valuable.  

Where in Tashkent to order services of copywriters

Our agency has been specializing on copywriting for a long time. In Medialux there are experienced and creative authors, who can write texts of any complexity. In the portfolio of the agency there are number of finished projects. We have been working with several corporative clients on a permanent basis. Their feedback- is the best quality assessment of copywriting from Medialux. Impeccable execution of tasks is not the only advantage of the service. Our copywriters are from Tashkent and other regions demonstrate strictly doing work until the deadlines and prices for services of copywriter are very affordable for the customers from Uzbekistan.   

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