What types of advertising are effective today?

Apr 28, 2023

What types of advertising are effective today?

The advertising market is diverse, there are many types that are used to attract the attention of consumers and increase sales. Due to its heterogeneity, the product can be presented in all sorts of ways. The image, appearance, associations are gradually deposited in the minds of people, becoming easily recognizable.

Ad classification

For practical purposes, a general classification of types of advertising is most useful, based on the type of advertising according to the type of medium or channel through which the advertisement is transmitted.

Due to the variety of forms of advertising communication, it can be divided into the following types:

  • Television advertising. TV advertising.
  • Radio advertisement. Radio advertisement.
  • Internet marketing. Advertising on the Internet.
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Internal advertising. Interior advertising.
  • Transit advertising. Advertising in transport.
  • Print advertising.

You can also classify advertising according to various criteria: industry characteristics, audience type, distribution area, media type, impact and other parameters.

Advertising has been known and used by mankind throughout history. It implied the use of various communication channels to disseminate information about goods and services. There are many more types of advertising, but these are the main ones that are in demand.

What types of advertising are effective?

First, let's see what types of advertising are the most promising at the moment

The dentsu communication group conducted a summary of the advertising market. 2021 showed high growth rates - it increased by 17% ($682.5 billion). Advertising investments increased by 8.7% after the pandemic

Dentsu Global Ad Spend Forecast

According to Dentsu's forecasts, by 2023 the global marketing market will coincide with the cost of $778.6 billion, which means an increase of 5.4%. In the coming year, the dynamics will increase to 5.1%.

Particular attention should be paid to the high level of growth in South and North America, where annual costs will grow to $329.6 billion with a dynamics of 13.1%. Europe, the Middle East and Africa are not far behind and are expected to grow by 5.8% to $158.9 billion, while the Asia-Pacific region will increase by 5.1% to $250 billion.

Undoubtedly, digital advertising is one of the most demanded markets today. It attracts the attention of advertisers due to targeted segmentation, a huge audience and a variety of services. Knowledge and correct use of the resources of the Internet market provides advertisers with the opportunity to successfully implement various advertising projects of any size.

According to the forecast, global investment in digital advertising in 2021 grew by 29.1%, and the share of digital advertising will exceed 55%. In 2022, the fastest growing topics in this segment will be: social media (21.4%), video (18.9%) and search (16.9%). By 2024, digital advertising will take up to 60% of the advertising market due to the important growth of interactive TV, e-commerce platforms, as well as video advertising, providing a growth of 14.8%.

Digital advertising share of dentsu's total advertising spend

Association of Communication Agencies of Russia “AKAR” carried out work on the segmentation of the Russian advertising market by type of content and estimated the volume of advertising for 2021. Outdoor advertising (+40%), Internet services (25%) and Audio content (24%) showed very high dynamics

The volume of advertising by content type in 2021 from “AKAR”

Due to advertising, a product or service increases demand. And this market is growing rapidly in all directions. According to Dmitry Grigoriev (Director of the Wunder Digital agency), the advertising market in Uzbekistan is growing by 20−25% every year. .2 billion soums ($66.9 million).

In 2021, the share in digital advertising was 18%, in value it increased from 82.2 to 108.2 billion soums, and in 2020 it was 16%, in 2019 - 15%.

Statistics taken from the spot news site

There are many reasons for this growth in digital advertising, most of the products are mainly aimed at a young audience. In addition, the transition to online advertising is due to the fact that it is much cheaper and more effective than other types of advertising.

The Internet is an active media channel, so the principles and technologies of online advertising differ from traditional ones such as television, radio and the press. This makes it possible to achievehigh efficiency impact on the consumer due to the exchange of data in real time and the presence of feedback.

It can be concluded that the type of digital advertising seems to be the most promising, this market will continue to grow rapidly in the future, possibly crowding out other advertising channels. But we must not forget that in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness of any advertising campaigns, it is necessary to conduct analytics to collect customer data, divide the audience into segments and track results in real time. An integrated approach to advertising is the most effective.

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