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Map of advertising constructions
What does MEDIALUX do?

Media Lux - the leading advertising agency in Uzbekistan, which provides the widest range of services to date.

Outdoor advertising in the city

Placement of outdoor advertising in the city. We will tell about your goods or services to the whole city!

Manufacture of advertising constructions

We try to meet the latest trends in the market and offer services in the manufacture of structures.

Large format printing

Posters, banners, street banners, produced by the wide format printing, are resistant to the environment

Development of corporate style

Developing an individual style for your company

Design development

We will create a selling design of packaging and all advertising products, as well as create an effective presentation of your project.

Internet Marketing

Promotion and advertising of your products or services on the Internet through social networks and search engines

Want to declare yourself to the whole country? We will help!

With us your business will become more visible! Whatever one may say, we are sure of it!

Where do we place outdoor advertising?

Advertising platforms "MEDIALUX" are located in the most visible places of the city!

Advertising on billboards

Advertising on prismatrons

Advertising on Super Sites

Advertising on LED screens

Advertising in cinemas

Advertising in shopping centers

Advertising on buses

Advertising in the metro

Advertising at a gas station

Advertising in parks

Advertising on firewalls

Advertising on indexes

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